Spray The Bed With Alcohol And See What Happens

We are using alcohol regularly for removing adhesive substances or as a disinfectant. However, alcohol has various other usages as well, one of them as an ingredient in many cosmetic products.


You should not panic in case you have forgotten the deodorant at home. Everything you need to do is apply a bit of alcohol on your armpits. By doing that, you will eliminate the bacteria that is causing the bad smell. Alcohol can also be found in your first aid kit. Nevertheless, don’t make this a habit since alcohol could irritate the gentle skin.


It can be very troublesome to eliminate the bed bugs. You can take them with you after visiting a house where unhygienic people live or after a vacation. Nevertheless, you can eliminate them by applying a bit of alcohol. Take a spray bottle and spray alcohol over the mattress and the pillow, and repeat this several times in order to eliminate them completely.


If you or someone close is troubled with lice, alcohol is here to help. Fill a spray bottle with alcohol, and add several drops of lavender essential oil. Spray it on your hair and scalp. Then, you should remove the dead lice by combing the hair.


There are various harsh chemicals in the usual nail polish removers and they have the ability to cause damage to the nails. Rubbing alcohol is the perfect replacement for chemical acetone. By doing that, know that removing the nail polish is going to take more time, but it’s going to prevent further damage to your nails.


Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that is present in most commercial creams and ointments for acne. However, the rubbing alcohol has very powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the affected skin, disinfect the pimples and will also prevent additional appearance of acne. Everything you need to do is apply it directly on the affected area.


Alcohol cannot freeze, that means you can use it for making cooling pad. Use water and alcohol in a ratio of 1:2 and prepare a solution. Keep this solution in some plastic sealable bag in the fridge. Leave the cool pack in the fridge for approximately one hour before you use it.


Most people are cleaning their ears with cotton swabs. However, using those means that you are pressing the earwax deeper in the ears canal. Mix a bit of white vinegar with rubbing alcohol, take a cotton swab and soak it in this solution. Next, drop this solution in the ear and let the earwax attach to it.


Shaving the armpits and bikini area could cause red dots to appear on the skin. Apply a bit of alcohol and calm any irritation and make the skin smooth.


Despite the fact that 85 percent of the world population are carrying the herpes virus, the percentage of those people who have experienced a breakout is small. In case you are one of those people you need to apply 70 percent of isopropyl alcohol on the area that is affected and it won’t take long until the herpes sores disappear.


Clean the eyeglasses with some rubbing alcohol. Everything you need to do is spray a bit of alcohol and use a soft cloth to wipe them.


Use rubbing alcohol to prepare your own hand sanitizer. Combine 4 ounces of Aloe Vera gel, several drops of tea tree oil and half a tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol.

Spray The Bed With Alcohol And See What Happens!

Spray The Bed With Alcohol And See What Happens!

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